Year 2

Week ending 03.11.17

It was great to welcome every one back to school after the half term holidays. The children wrote super accounts of their holiday highlights which I enjoyed reading. Our thoughts have already turned to preparing for Christmas. We had our first Nativity play rehearsal in the hall on Tuesday morning which caused great excitement. it is already looking very promising - which is the first time I've been able to say that after a first rehearsal so I think you might be in for a treat at the end of term - let's hope so anyway!

The children had a super recorder lesson on Monday morning. I'm delighted with the progress they are all making, (Yes I really am) and would like them to perform in assembly next Friday, (10th November). They will therefore need their recorders in school on Monday, Thursday and Friday next week so that we can have an extra practise.

This week we finished our work on Antarctica by pretending to be the Antarctic explorer, Captain Robert Scott. The children then wrote a diary entry on his fateful return journey and included some very descriptive and moving pieces of work. We have now completed our topic on 'Our World'. Over the next couple of weeks we will continue with the history element of the topic, finding out about significant people and events from the past by researching  Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot and The Great Fire of London. 

In science we have now completed our work on micro-habitats. The Sycamores had great fun at Forest School during their last visit, working together to build a bug hotel, using the designs they had drawn in the science lesson the week before. When the Oaks went this Wednesday, they discovered that lots of bugs were using it! This week we have started our new  science topic on Materials and their properties. We have been finding out what the children know already and what they would like to find out more about. Over the next few weeks we will be exploring why materials are chosen to make specific things and we will be experimenting with different types of materials in order to investigate their properties.

Just a quick reminder that the photographer is in school on Tuesday taking individual and family photographs and it is the turn of Sycamores to attend Forest School.

Have a super weekend and enjoy the fireworks. 

Mrs Jenkins



Week ending 06.10.17

There was great excitement in class on Thursday morning with the long awaited first recorder lesson! Instruments and books were distributed and the children quickly mastered the fundamentals of how to hold the recorder correctly and how to make their first note - B (Some with greater success than others!!) I hope the children are showing you their new found skills. A hot tip for all - remind them that the softer they blow, the sweeter the sound - Good luck on that one!! If the recorder is still sounding like an old fashioned whistling kettle, it means that the holes are not covered properly - good luck on that one too. Please remember ...... practise makes perfect!!

The children have finished their African adventure stories this week and have begun to find out about their contrasting continent -  Antarctica . They have written a fact file each about it and next week in their history lesson they will find out about the famous explorer Captain Scott and his ill fated missions.

In maths, the children have been learning about left and right and giving directions. They had fun directing each other around a maze in the school hall which was extremely funny to watch at times! They have also been working hard on place value and have been adding 2, 2 digit numbers together using 10 rods and cubes (ones) to help them.

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming soon. Scholastic are running a competition for the children to design a piece of bunting to decorate the Book Fair boxes and has donated a £5.00 voucher to spend at the Book fair to the winner from each class. The bunting template has been sent home in your child's book bag today and needs to be returned by Thursday 12th October. Thank you.

Just a couple of reminders:

 Christmas card designs need to be returned this Monday please - (9th October)

Our next recorder lesson is on Monday and from now on, will take place every Monday morning.

It is the turn of the Oaks to attend Forest school next week.

Have fun at the disco tonight and I look forward to hearing all about it on Monday! Have a super weekend.

Mrs Jenkins


Week ending 22.09.17

Another week has flown by and the children are settling well into the class routine. In our geography lesson, I was impressed by how much the children had remembered about Africa. We researched information and made fact files using the new information we discovered. Next week, the children are going to write adventure stories based in Africa, before moving on to finding out about Antarctica. Our focus for grammar, spelling and handwriting has been alternative spellings of the ee sound.

In maths we have been practising our number bonds to 10 and 20. The children need to know these off by heart. Next week we will be exploring the link between addition and subtraction. The children have also enjoyed measuring their feet and handspans using decimetre strips, before introducing them to centimetres and metres.

I am still awaiting the last few recorder reply slips. Please return these as quickly as possible. I will place the order for the books on Tuesday and our first recorder lesson will be on Monday 2nd October.

Have an enjoyable weekend.

Regards Mrs Jenkins

Week ending 15.09.17

It has been great to meet most of you during the week at the meeting for parents or after school. If you haven't yet managed to see me, do come along as soon as you can or give me a ring via the school office so that I can explain how the spelling journal and the Class Dojo works.

This week has been a busy one! In maths we have been solving problems using our knowledge of place value and the children have come home today with their first maths homework, which for most, is another place value challenge. This needs to be completed and returned to school by next Thursday please.

In Literacy, we have continued to learn how to join our letters in handwriting and we have retold the story of Noah's Ark in RE. We made our retellings into 2 class books and shared them with the children in Reception Class, using percussion instruments too. They were an enthusiastic audience and were very impressed by our writing skills!

For our topic this week, we have continued to learn about the continents and oceans of the world and today, during our science lesson we have been exploring the world a little closer to home - in the school grounds looking for micro habitats and the small creatures that inhabit them. We found worms under stones, midge larvae in the bird bath and slugs and spiders in the mud Kitchen to name just a few! We then tried to work out why they choose to live where they do.

Wednesday was another exciting day for the children in Oaks - their first visit to Forest School of the new school year. We looked for things that had changed since their last visit and we discussed the effect of the changing seasons on the woodland environment. some of the children made some art work using leaves, twigs and nuts and Evie made a picture frame to go around her picture of a monkey, by lashing four sticks together. It looked great! It's the turn of the Sycamores next week. 

The children and staff have enjoyed using Class Dojo this week and I have received notifications from most of you to say that you have joined successfully. Well done and I hope you've been enjoying receiving your notifications. As I become more familiar with it, I will be using the class story to keep you informed of class events and to send out reminders etc. so if you haven't joined yet it really is well worth doing!

Have a super weekend and have fun at the fair - I'm looking forward to hearing all about it on Monday.

Regards, Mrs Jenkins


Week ending 8th September

Hi Everyone and welcome to St. Patrick's Class! 

Mrs Butler McLees and Mrs Mooney would like to pass on a huge thank you for their wonderful end of year gifts and vouchers. They enjoyed spending them!

We have had a super first week back, swapping holiday news and the children have been settling into their new classroom and routines. I've really enjoyed my first week with the children and I hope that they have too. We began the week by discussing what makes a happy classroom and drew up a list of class rules. We have voted for our Junior Leadership Representatives for this year. We have done our first piece of year 2 writing about our holidays and have looked on a map of the world to see where  we have visited. We found out that most of us stayed within Europe. We have started to learn a song to help us to learn about the other continents and oceans too.In maths, have been learning about two digit numbers and place vaue. I have been really impressed with how much the children already know. A very encouraging start - I just hope they don't feel as shattered as I do!!

I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible next Tuesday at 2.30pm when I will give you all your welcome packs and outline what is in store for your children in Year Two. This will be your chance to ask any questions you may have about the year ahead so please do try to make it if you can. All homework will begin next week, after the meeting.

See you next week.

Mrs Jenkins








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