Year 4


Week ending 17th November.

We have all had another great week in school. All the children have been working hard, especially in science. We have been learning about the digestive system and what happens to food once we eat it. The children found this tricky, but used the IPads to help them research the answers. 

In maths we have moved on to 1 and 2 step word problems. we will continue this next week to make sure we overcome any problems. 

In literacy we have been using inverted commas in our work on speech. The children have written a conversation between two of the main characters in the book we are reading in class. Some of these have been very funny.

This week I have sent home spellings which look at the 'ei' sound, but are spelt 'ei', 'eigh', and 'ey'. Please can you support your child with this work,  ready for our test next week. 

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Kind regards 

Mrs Sauvagnargues. 


Week ending 10th November.

We have all had a great week this week. The children were all very excited when the Museum Service came in to talk to us about the Anglo Saxons. Everybody showed fabulous listening skills and remained on task throughout. Everybody had an opportunity to weave, make clay pots, dress up in Anglo Saxon clothing, spin wool and some children even had a go at combing wool in order to spin it. 

In maths we have been looking at the translation and position of shape on 2-D grids. Some of the children enjoyed it that much, that they asked to stay in at break to continue it. 

In literacy we have written fact files on the Anglo Saxons, focussed on root words with the 'in' prefix and completed some work on homophones. 

We had a great science lesson this week. I asked the children how to seperate a selection of different solids without using their hands. They came up with some fabulous ideas and even managed to seperate the sand particles. 

The weather tomorrow looks pretty miserable, but I hope that you all have a lovely weekend. 

Kind regards

Mrs Sauvagnargues





Week ending 3rd November.

It was lovely to see everyone this week at parents evening, to talk about the progress your children are making.

I can't believe that we are in the second half term already and before we know it, it will be Christmas. 

The weather is certainly turning colder and its important that all children bring coats to school, and that they have the correct outdoor P.E kit.

In class this week the children have been continuing work on the Anglo Saxons, looking at clothing, fabrics, jewellery, belts, and other everyday items. The children have noticed that we use some very similar things toady. 

In maths we have started looking at translation of 2D shapes and we will continue this next week. 

In literacy we have completed a recount of our half term holidays, whilst at the same time, revising sentence types which we covered last term. We have also been looking at the prefix 'in' and how it changes a root word when added. The children have brought some of these words home for their spellings next week; please can you spend some time with your child learning these words. 

Can I also ask, that when you send in your contribution for the Anglo Saxon Museum Service, you ensure that it is in a named envelope. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Sauvagnargues




Week ending 13th October

Thank you to all of you who sent conkers in to school to help us with our art this week. The children have worked hard sketching their conkers, whilst looking at tone and texture.

In maths, we have be looking at Polygons and the properties of 2D shape. We will continue this next week and look at the different types of triangles. We will sort this information using Carroll diagrams.

This week in literacy, we have been continuing work on fronted adverbials. The children have written some great sentences, showing a much better grasp. 

The children are all really enjoying our topic on Anglo Saxons and Vikings. This week we have been looking at what every day life must have been like. We have designed our own village, to include all the things that the Anglo Saxons would have used and needed. 

New spellings and homework have been sent home today, please can you ensure that your child spends time over the weekend learning them. We are looking at the prefix 'im' and how to add it to a root word. 

I can't believe that we break up for half term next Friday, the term is going too quickly!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and that you enjoy the good weather that we are due to have. 

Kind regards

Mrs Sauvagnargues.


Week ending 29th September.

This week in maths we have been working on subtraction of 4-digit numbers. All the children have enjoyed this work and worked extrememly hard, showing a good understanding. 

In literacy we have been working on our scrap book sheets. They look great and I am hoping to find a way of putting this all together, so that we can share it with other children in the school. I have sent home new spellings today, please ensure that your child is spending time at home learning these. This weeks spellings are from the Y3-4 list, so it is important that they know them. 

Parents evening slips have also been sent home today, please can you fill them in and return them to school as soon as possible.

Please can you remind your child that they need a conker in school for next weeks art work.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Sauvagnargues.



Week ending 22nd September

As usual the weeks are flying by and the children are working very hard, which is always lovely to see.

This week we have finished our work on apostrophes and moved onto revising adverbs. Please can I ask that if your child hasn't brought in their photo for the scrap book work, that you can possibly remind them. We cannot start this work until we have them all. 

In maths we have been learning about negative numbers which all the children have enjoyed. We will finish this next week.

We have started some fabulous art work this week. We have been looking at Picasso's work on Cubism. The children are creating portraits in this style. When they are complete, they will be outside the classroom for everyone to see. 

The weather is supposed to be lovely over the weekend, so I hope you all have a great time. 

Kind regards

Mrs Sauvagnargues.


Week ending 15th September

Thank you to the parents who were able to attend the meeting on Wednesday. If you were unable to attend this mmeting and have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask. 

When you have completed the pack that was sent home, please can you return it to school in the plastic wallet with your childs name on. 

We have had a very busy second week of term and the children have had an introduction to the new topic. Everyone seems interested in it, which is great to see. However, we don't want the children to pretend they are Anglo Saxons and Vikings during break time. It's best if they save their energy for learning in class. 

In maths we have been continuing work on place value, finding greater than and less than and also looking at rounding numbers. We have had our first Times Table Rock Star test this week and it has highlighted the fact, that the children do need to be spending more time on this activity at home. Please can I ask once again, that if you have a spare five minutes, you encourage your child to go on it. 

In literacy we have been learning about singular and plural nouns and how to correctly add apsotrophes. The children found this tricky and we will continue this next week. 

In Science we are looking at States of Matter. The children enjoyed watching a short video on Solids, Liquids and Gases. This topic will continue until half term.

Please can I remind you to send your child into school with their photo and other bits and bobs, for thei scrap book page which we will start next week. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Sauvagnargues


Week ending 8th September.

A huge welcome back!

I hope you all had an amazing summer and have started the new term feeling relaxed. The children have written some great recounts of their holiday and it sounds like you all had a fabulous time. 

I would like to say a huge thank you for all the gorgeous gifts that you bought for Mrs Hepple and myself. They were much appreciated and helped the summer get off to a great start. 

This term the children will be learning about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. If you have anything at home that will support this topic, then don't hesitate to send it in. 

Please can I ask that the children bring their PE kit to school next week and leave it in school until the half term. It's important that the children have both indoor and out door shoes. The weather is deteriorating quickly, and the children's outdoor shoes will not be able to be worn inside. 

Last term the children had a Spelling Journal and a Times Table Rock Star book. Please can you send your child into school with them next week, as they are ongoing books that we still need to use. Please can you ensure that your child uses Times Table Rock Star as often as possible, as one of our targets this term is working on the 6,7, and 9 times tables. I haven't sent home any homework this week, so it would be a good oportunity to use it over the weekend. Thank you in advance. 

I hope you have a good weekend. 


Kind regards

Mrs Sauvagnargues. 




Week ending 7th July

Wow - what an amazing week. We have had such fun, and created some wonderful art works. I have been overwhelmed at the enthusiasm of our class, and the standard of their work. We started off with a bit of experimentation with templates, but many moved rapidly on to creating their own designs. We had our 'Art Walk' around Chipping Norton on Tuesday, looking at all the amazing forms of art we see in our everyday lives all around us. As a class we carefully measured then created our large-scale outdoor installation, which we chose to call 'Set Sail'. We designed, planned and then created our own artworks, using pencil and paper, sewing yarn into polystyrene, hammering nails into a wooden board, and using chalk on paving. Many children went on to complete more than one project. We looked at the string art designs of professional artists Nike Savvas, Sebastien Preshoux and Gabriel Dawe.Throughout all of this the children explored the artistic elements of pieces, and thought about their personal responses.

It was wonderful to have so many parents attend the whole school 'exhibition' of art, the children absolutely loved showing off their hard work - thank you as ever for your support.

Next week we have a 'Health and Fitness' week - each afternoon the children will be taking part in a carousel of activities, and they should come to school in PE kit all week.

Sports Day is next Friday (14th July) See the Newsletter for details.

Enjoy your weekend, I look forward to seeing many of you at the Disco and Campout!


Week ending 30th June

Well done to all of year 4 for their super assembly this morning. I had very little input apart from a little grammatical editing, so they really did a fantastic job putting it together. Hopefully it gave everyone a flavour of what we did at Everdon. A reminder that if you have any objection to photos of your child being shared, please see the office. If there are no objections then if children bring in a flash drive (USB) with at least 4MB memory free I will copy the photos for you before the end of term. Photos are only for personal use and not to be shared on social media or published in any form.

I think everyone enjoyed transition morning yesterday, and Mrs Medlar has let me know how much she’s looking forward to teaching the children next year.

In class this week we have begun our author study, choosing an author we really enjoy reading, starting to research them and compare their books. This will be continued after art week, so that gives a few children a bit more time to read or refresh on their chosen authors’ work if necessary.

We have also planned and conducted our own maths investigations. We have started to think about how we graphically present our results.

In RE we have thought about the prayers that are said in Mass, and particularly focused on the Doxology of the Eucharistic Prayer and the Great Amen.

Art week next week! Y4 had a little head start and some have already produced some wonderful parabolic curve art. Many thanks to the parents who have volunteered to come and help. Remember that all parents are welcome from 2:30pm next Friday (7th July) to see the art the school will have been working on all week.

Have a lovely weekend.


Week ending 9th June 2017

What a busy week we have had, learning about different text types in Literacy and completing both persuasive writing and factual reports. We have been recapping our understanding of different measures, focusing initially on converting between analogue and digital times, but also on measures of mass, length and capacity.

We have concluded our science investigations about sound, and begun planning our next exciting investigation!

In RE we have begun our topic on the Church as a Community, and have been learning about how the Family of God is spread around the world. 

In PE we continue with hockey and touch rugby, and have begun practising country dance steps.

Next week is a very exciting week, with our trip to Everdon. Please check parent mail and Class Dojo for reminders. Apologies for the typo - registration will be at 8:50am on Wednesday as normal!

Have a lovely weekend.


Week ending 19th May 2017

What a beautiful way to finish the week. Our May procession was a lovely celebration of Mary, and I was so proud of our May Queen and her attendants who looked so smart. Well done to all of year four, who shared their knowledge of the Rosary with the rest of the school, and showed the Rosaries we have made. Many thanks to all parents for their contributions of flowers to our class bouquet.

Well done to all our children who participated in the ‘Kick Start’ group over the last few weeks – thank you for showing us your wonderful work in the special assembly this week.

In Literacy this week we have been practicing expanding noun phrases using adjectives, preposition phrases, similes and metaphors. In Maths we have been recapping the strategy of formal division, and practicing using all our calculation strategies to solve word problems, in particular tackling problems involving money. In Science we have been recapping our knowledge of how to plan an investigation, how we make tests fair, and then planning our own soundproofing investigation. In Topic we have been learning about the human geography of Chipping Norton – talking about why people might choose to live in Chipping Norton, and then focusing in groups on particular features: settlement, transport, trade, leisure, population and land use.

Next week is an assessment week, and during the week we will be conducting some literacy and maths assessments. These are not something that the children should be at all concerned about, it is a chance for them to show what they have learned, and for us to identify any gaps that still need to be focused on before the end of the year. It does however give me an opportunity to remind you about times table practice – all children should be confident by now on their tables to 12x12. If there are gaps in your child’s knowledge please do practice these regularly at home – I cannot emphasise how essential this knowledge is for solving problems quickly and accurately.

Could I also remind you to please return your Everdon forms (health, medical and dietary information – green, blue and yellow) if you have not already done so.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Summer Fete tomorrow.



Week ending 12 May 2017

Well what a week! I have been so proud of the children, as on Wednesday and Thursday they really showed the Ofsted inspectors what wonderful children we have at our school by working hard, demonstrating thoughtful and polite behaviour and generally being superstars. We have to wait for a few weeks for the result of the inspection.

Today brought lots of excitement with non-uniform day. Thank you to everyone for your kind donations for the tombolas at the Summer Fete.

In our curriculum this week we have been thinking about possessive apostrophes and the punctuation of direct speech in English. In Maths we have been recapping the formal method of multiplication and then applying those skills to solve problems. In Science we have learned how sound waves move through the ear, and learnt the names and functions of parts of the ear. In RE we have learnt more about the Apostles, where they went after Pentecost and why this is important for the modern Church. We have also begun researching information about saints. In PE the children developed some wonderful rhythmic gymnastic routines using a range of small apparatus, and demonstrated their skills in Tag Rugby and Hockey. In Art we learnt about different types of pencil, and how we cn use different techniques to shade and create texture. In Music we recapped notation, and then wrote and performed our own simple group composition.

Miss Parry has joined our class, and has settled well into the Year 4 team. We look forward to having her with us for the next few weeks.

I hope everyone enjoys a restful weekend.


Week ending 28th April 2017

The start of a new term is always exciting, and this is no exception. We have begun our new topic of ‘The UK and Chipping Norton’ with talking about the UK in the context of world geography and the continents. We have reminded ourselves of the names of the four countries of the United Kingdom, and discussed the difference between ‘Great Britain’ and the ‘UK’.

We have started our discussion of ‘British values’ with learning about democracy – how topical at the moment! I was impressed by a number of children’s knowledge of current politics.

In Maths we have continued learning about statistics – starting the week with interpreting a variety of types of graph. We have then been drawing our own graphs, a skill which many found trickier than expected!

In Literacy we have written a recount of part of our Easter holidays, focusing on past tense, and maintaining first person voice and appropriate pronouns. It is encouraging to see the progress in children’s work since September.

In RE we have learned about the Ascension and Pentecost, and thought about the disciples emotions during this time.

In Science we have begun our topic on ‘Sound’ with thinking about what sounds we hear around us, and how sounds are made.

We have created artworks in the style of Andy Warhol, looking in particular at the historical importance of ‘Pop Art’, artistic inspiration, and the use of colour in his art.

In addition this week we have been lucky to have the author of ‘Electrigirl’, Jo Cotterill in to speak to years 4-6, as part of the Chipping Norton Literary Festival. She was a fantastic speaker, who involved the children in dramatically reenacting part of her book, entertained us with a reading, and even conducted an audience-participation science ‘lesson’ about electricity! A wonderful experience, and well done to all the children, who thought of insightful and interesting questions to ask. An apology for not reminding parents about the fact that children could purchase books, which was in the newsletter before half term. Jo will be about at the Literary Festival over the weekend, and her books are available from Jaffe and Neale (and other good booksellers!) if children have been inspired by her visit.

Next week we have our Everdon meeting on Tuesday 2nd May at 3pm in the Year 4 classroom. Children are encouraged to attend with their parents. The meeting should last about 30 minutes and is an introduction to what we will be doing during the trip. There will be a pack of information (and forms!) for everyone, and a chance to ask any questions you may have. I look forward to seeing everyone there.

On Wednesday 3rd May the class will be attending the Primary Language Festival - remember that collection is 4:45 at Top School

Also next week we will be welcoming a student teacher, Miss Rachel Parry, to Year 4.

I hope that everyone enjoys the bank holiday weekend!



Week ending 7.4.16

What a wonderful week, the highlight being of course our performance of Resurrection Rock. I was so proud of all the children, they really shone on stage, and judging from the comments I recieved from parents and other teachers everyone else thought they were amazing too! Fantastic acting and singing, and I'm sure something that many of them will remember for years to come.

Today we say a sad farewell to Harrison, but wish him and his family all the best in their new home and school.

I wish all of you a very happy Easter, have a wonderful holiday!


Week ending 24.3.17

What, no trip? Nevertheless, we have had a busy week! In Literacy we have completed our narrations for 'Window', and thought carefully about how we can edit and improve our work. Some children also wrote lovely poems inspired by the text. In Maths we continue looking at measures, particularly estimating, converting, and calculating. Any opportunities at home using cm/m/km; g/kg or ml/l would really help to reinforce the concepts we are practicing at school. In Science we have recapped our knowledge of the digestive system and teeth, and started planning a scientific enquiry into the effects of different liquids on tooth enamel. In RE we have been learning about the stories of David in the Old Testament.

Thank you to all parents and children for their donations to Comic Relief today, I think everyone enjoyed dressing in their own clothes and enjoyed a giggle with their red noses!

Rehearsals for Resurrection Rock get better and better all the time. A letter has come home today about the performance, do please reply promptly about whether or not you can attend.

Please could each child bring in a named coat hanger on Monday, for their performance costume. This would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

We will be having another class 'recital' at the end of term, where any child who would like to perform their instrument for the class may do so. Do please support your child with choosing a piece and practising if they would like to participate. The recital  will probably be the last Thursday of term, and I will remind them to bring their instrument and music in when the date is confirmed.

As an extra 'challenge' activity leading from our spellings and handwriting today, we discussed palindromes - anyone bringing in examples (particularly a sentence) might just earn bonus Dojo points on Monday!

I wish you all a lovely weekend, particularly mums this week - I hope your children make you feel special on Sunday!


Week ending 17.3.17

WOW! It really was a spectacular day today. The science museum was fascinating, and we particularly enjoyed seeing Tim Peake’s landing module. The Classical Spectacular at the Albert Hall was ‘amazing’ and ‘fantastic’! As ever, the children were a real credit to the school, and I was very proud of how well behaved they all were throughout the day.

Also this week we have had the NSPCC talk to us about ‘Staying Safe and Speaking Out’, do see the newsletter for further information, or visit the NSPCC website.

In other curriculum subjects we have been writing character studies and narrative extracts for our current text ‘Window’; measuring and converting lengths; showing our knowledge of the story of Moses by drawing a cartoon of his complete story; planning and starting a rainforest-themed Scratch programming project, and learning about the names and functions of teeth. We also fed back to the rest of the school what we learned about Sikhism in multi-faith week last week.

Thank you to those of you who have returned your Readathon sponsorship money and cards – well done! If you have not yet returned yours, please do so as soon as possible.

Good luck to the children who are performing at the Music Festival this weekend, I am sure the judges will be mightily impressed.

Enjoy the weekend!


Week ending 10.3.17

Another week, another amazing trip!

Yet again, I was very proud of the way the children behaved throughout our visit to the Gurdwara. They listened attentively, were polite and respectful, and asked insightful questions. The guides were very welcoming: we tasted food in the Langar (shared food hall), experienced the Prayer Hall, where hymns from the Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh scripture) were being sung, and were given a very informative talk about many aspects of Sikh belief. A number of members of the class engaged in discussion, and asked clear questions. Well done to all!

On Wednesday we had the excitement of Mrs Herbert bringing in ‘Bud’, Landun and Kiahn’s pet Royal Python. The children have been learning about animals, their habitats and adaptations related to our Topic and Science, so it was wonderful to see a snake close to, and discuss it’s behaviour and care. Everyone got the opportunity to touch and hold Bud if they wanted to, so a really big thank you to Landun and his family for enabling us to have this experience.

Rehearsals for our Easter play continue apace – please continue practicing lines and songs at home – it really pays off!

In other subjects, we have started studying the text ‘Window’ by Jeannie Baker – a wordless picture book which has really fired the children’s imaginations and analytical skills; have been presenting our rainforest powerpoints; have recapped the parts of the digestive system, and have been playing tennis in outdoor PE.

Another huge ‘well done’ must go to our Year 4 class members who performed at the Chipping Norton Music Festival this week – what wonderful comments you got from the judges! Good luck to those performing in the coming week.

Have a lovely, restful weekend!


Week ending 3.3.17

The highlight of the week was our class trip to the Living Rainforest. Well done again to all the children for their super behaviour, particularly their interest and attention to what the tour guides were saying, and their relevant and insightful questions. Hopefully you have all heard lots about how animals and plants have adapted to live in the rainforest! The children have spent time this week completing an ‘Amazing Adaptations’ pack summarising what they learned on the trip. Many showed excellent recall, and drew accurate pictures of what they had seen.

We also had the excitement of World Book Day. KS2 took part in a quiz testing their knowledge of famous books, characters and authors. I was very impressed by how well-read some children are. We also completed Book Reviews for our favourite books – if your child did not finish and is finishing at home please do return it to school as soon as possible. At the end of the day Y4 listened to the full story of ‘The Shaman’s Apprentice’, leading to a very interesting discussion about medicines and the difference between magic and science!

We have started thinking about measurement in Maths, and conducted investigations comparing, measuring, recording and converting measures of length, capacity and mass.

In Science we are learning about the digestive system, much to the fascination of most of the class – although there were a fair few ‘eurghhh’s too! We have discussed the main parts of digestive system and their functions.

Next week is Multi-faith Week across the school, and we will be learning about Sikhism throughout the week. Our trip to the Gurdwara Temple Southall is on Thursday, remember your child will need a scarf to cover their hair for this trip (these are available to borrow if you don’t have one). Reminders will come out on Class Dojo next week.

Rehearsals for 'Resurrection Rock' will continue next week without scripts - so please practise your child's words with them at home, especially if they are not yet confident with their lines. Children should know who speaks before them, so they come in at the right place.

Congratulations to the class for achieving their Dojo target this week. They will get their reward on Monday.

Have a great weekend!


Week ending 24.2.17

Well done to all the children for coming back after half term all revitalised and ready to learn!

We have spent time this week discussing different text types, and then focusing on non-fiction information books. For our Literacy and Topic, the class have each researched an aspect of the rainforest, and created a fact-file page to go in a class information book. Everyone has worked really hard, and the finished product is going to look fantastic.

In Maths we have been learning about symmetry, and creating lots of symmetrical patterns, including looking at the artwork of Christopher Marley.

In RE we continue to follow the story of Moses, and learned about the 10 plagues of Egypt. In computing we are learning how to use Excel software to create graphs.

We have begun to rehearse our Easter play - Resurrection Rock. Some of the children have already learned their lines - very well done to them. Please do practise at home, it really helps.

It was lovely to see so many parents this week at parents evenings - I always enjoy the opportunity to share how well your children are doing!

Enjoy your weekend.



Week ending 10.2.17

What a lovely way to end the week - an afternoon of Art: planning then making a 3D rainforest flower. Most children thought very carefully about how they would create their flower, then took a lot of care making it. Well done!

In Literacy this week we have been recapping adverbs and adverbial phrases, focusing on fronted adverbials. Some wonderful sentences have been created. In Maths we have been reinforcing work on factors and multiples, and then learning how to divide big numbers using formal methods of division. In Science we have been learning about factors that can influence the environment - both natural and man-made. In RE we have looked in more in depth at the story of Moses, and dramatised the first part of his life. In Computing we have completed our powerpoint presentations on the Rainforest.

I think everybody enjoyed the Ball Skills Festival, and Mrs Woolley would like to congratulate the children on their wonderful behaviour.

Children just have a page each of SPaG and Maths homework this week, please remember as well that Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) is also part of homework, and children should be practising regularly.

On the first Monday back (20th February), please ensure that children have their homework, TTRS book, spelling journal, and PE kit. Children should also be bringing their reading record into school every day. Thank you!

I wish you all a very happy half-term holiday.



Week ending 3.2.17

Well done to all the children for their hard work this week, and their positive approach towards assessment. Everyone tried very hard, and this is reflected in the results, which I have gone through with the children so that we can learn from the areas that were tricky, and also develop 'test techniques'.

Parts have been allocated for "Resurrection Rock', words will be coming home next week, and rehearsals start in earnest after half term. Hopefully you have already been practising some of the song words at home!

We have begun studying the artist Henri Rousseau, and some children have completed wonderful jungle artworks in his style.

We have continued to study the tribes of the rainforest, and looked at how a day in our lives might compare with a day of a tribal child.

In RE we are beginning a topic on Moses, and looked at the first 5 books of the Old Testament, as well as discussing the different styles of writing in the bible (such as stories, psalms, prayers, prophesies and proverbs).

In Science we continue to look at classification keys, and today had a go at creating our own.

Another successful Dojo week, we just reached our target with minutes to spare! The class reward will have to wait until next week.

A letter has come home tonight about our trip to the Living Rainforest at the end of this month. I am aware that you are being rather inundated with letters at the moment - with more to come! A testament to the wealth of opportunities offered at Holy Trinity. We are going to have a busy half term next half term with a number of trips falling in quick succession - what an exciting time we will have. The Living Rainforest is our annual Year 4 topic-related trip, and allows knoweldge to be developed across a number of areas of the curriculum. Please return the permission slip by the end of next week.

Have a lovely weekend!


Week ending 27.1.17

What a fantastic way to finish our week – learning all about the celebration of Chinese New Year. The Year of the Rooster starts tomorrow, Saturday 28th January, and we were lucky enough to have Louise and her cousin Jevon teaching us about it. Thank you so much to Mrs Giddons for providing decorations for our classroom, and for so generously bringing in gifts for the whole school as well.

The other great excitement this week has been introducing the children to our Year 3/4 Easter Production: ‘Resurrection Rock!’  (Performance date in the newsletter). The children have expressed their preferences for parts, and some children have bravely auditioned for the parts with singing solos. Parts will be announced on Tuesday. Some children will naturally be disappointed, but everyone will get a chance to participate, the majority hopefully in their preferred role! Song words have come home today, be prepared to hear the songs endlessly for the next few weeks…

We continue finding out more about the rainforests - learning about the tribes who live in the rainforest, focusing on the Yanomami Tribe, was a particular highlight this week. We have also finished reading ‘The Great Kapok Tree’, and have written our own ‘what happens next’ narrative.

In Maths we are working on multiplication – do ask your children about factors and products! As ever, core maths knowledge such as times tables is essential. Please keep practicing these as much as possible at home.

In Science we continue with our topic of ‘Animals and their Habitats’ by sorting animals using classification keys. We have also talked a lot about the animals of the rainforest, and how important their habitat is for them.

In RE we have concluded our topic of ‘Jesus the Light of the World’, and have learned lots about Jesus’ Presentation at the Temple, His Baptism, and the Transfiguration.

Congratulations to the class again this week for smashing our Dojo target, ending the week on 386, and earning themselves some Golden Time – their choice of reward. Keep up the good work!


Week ending 20.1.17

What excitement to get Golden Time at the end of the day today! Well done to all the children for their hard work earning their Dojo points and achieving our class target. Paper planes were the activity of choice!

We have continued to learn about rainforests, focusing this week on the issue of deforestation - it's causes and impacts. This has led to some interesting questions and debate, and excellent persuasive writing.

In Maths we have been learning about translations. Homework recaps area.

In Science we have been learning about classification, about vertebrates, and what 5 groups we can sort them into.

In RE we have developed our understanding of Jesus' Baptism, learned about Baptism today, and discussed our own Baptisms.

Thank you to all who have returned their Everdon slips already - if you have not, please do so by Friday 27th. I am really keen that everyone attends. please speak to me if you have any questions.


Have a lovely weekend!



Week ending 13.1.17

As a contrast to the weather in Chipping Norton this week, it has been refreshing to learn about and imagine the tropical, humid weather of the rainforest! We have been engaged in lots of lovely Literacy activities linked to our topic – drawing pictures based on soundfiles, and adding descriptions; watching video clips and noting descriptive vocabulary, similes and metaphors; creating word-collections; writing and typing up group poems; responding to the poem ‘Far Forest’ by Grace Nichols and creating a rainforest soundscape; performing the poem and soundscape as a class; and beginning to study at our core text ‘The Great Kapok Tree’. We have also learned a bit more about the Amazon Rainforest and where it is located, and about the layers of the rainforest.

In Maths we have been learning about area and perimeter, and calculating these for a range of increasingly tricky rectilinear shapes!

In RE we have reflected on the presentation of Jesus in the temple, and are learning about the baptism of Jesus. If children have any mementoes or photographs of their own baptisms, they are welcome to bring them in and share them.

In Science we are learning about living things and their habitats. We have looked at the 7 characteristics of living things, and are starting to think about how living things can be sorted and classified.

Well done to all the children for earning so many Dojo points this week! Everyone has responded well to the new system, and some children are even learning how to upload their own examples of work for you to see at home.

Homework this week recaps suffixes with doubling letters, and perimeter.


Week ending 6.1.17

Well, it's been an exciting few days setting up our Class Dojo system. The class are really motivated by earning points, and hopefully everyone will start collecting lots next week! Do please log on if you haven't done so already, so you can see your child's record at home. I will also post class notices through the app, as well as putting them on here or parentmail. You need to create your own usernames and passwords for yourself and your child following the link that came home, if you are having any difficulties logging on please do come and see me.

In class we have begun our Rainforest topic, finding out about what a rainforest is, and where we find them. I am impressed by how much some children already know, particularly about the animals of the rainforests, but there is lots more we would like to find out about. In English we have been writing a recount of our holiday, doing our best to remember all the literary devices we learnt about last term! In Maths we have been consolidating our knowledge of perimeter. We have also created a wonderful class Kandinsky artwork, and started using apparatus in Gym.

There is no Maths and SPaG homework this week, however the children began a flap book with some thoughts for 2017 - it would be lovely if these could be completed and coloured at home and brought back to school to share next week.

Keep playing your timestables rockstars! Those who completed the Bronze award before Christmas will be moving on to Silver, and practising their 2, 4 and 8 times tables. Those who still need a bit of consolidation on 5s and 10s: keep practising!

Have a good, restful weekend, giving those children who are still a bit tired after New Year a chance to fully recharge their batteries!



Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a fun and relaxing start to 2017.

First of all Mrs Taylor, Mr Eustace and myself would like to thank you for the lovely Christmas cards and gifts we recieved. So thoughtful and generous of you, thank you!

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to school on the 4th of January. Our topic this term is 'Rainforests', and we have lots of fun activities planned for the term.

A new element this term in class is that we are starting 'Class Dojo', which has been a highly successful reward system in years 5 & 6. A letter will be coming home on the first day of term with a link to follow personalised for your child. You can dowload the free ClassDojo app to your phone or tablet (ios or android) and follow your child's rewards and class activities at home.

See you bright and breezy on the 4th of January.


Week ending 9.12.16

Our photo this week is of a quick brainstorm of what the word 'home' means to us - the children were just bursting with such lovely ideas I had to share them. We have been studying the book 'Coming Home' by Michael Morpurgo (a narrative poem). The culmination of this weeks in-depth analysis of the text was a class performance of the poem, which was so impressive!

In maths we have been recapping fractions and decimals, as many children still find this a tricky topic. If you get a chance to practice fractions and decimal calculations at home this will really help. (If you spend £1.30 of your Christmas money on sweets, and £6.99 on Lego, how much change will you have from £10? If I eat 1/4 of the Christmas Pudding, what is this as a decimal?)

We have been building our model Viking Longships this week, thinking about how to construct different parts, and following our planned designs.

Rehearsals continue apace, and the singing sounds wonderful. We are all very excited about next Wednesday. We had the pleasure of watching the Reception class Dress Rehearsal this week, which we thoroughly enjoyed, and which got us in the mood for our own performance. Well done also to those who took part in the Choir performance and Henry Cornish Care Home today.

Finally, what a festive class we had today - everyone looked smashing in their Christmas jumpers and hats! Well done.

Best wishes for a lovely weekend.


Week ending 2.12.16

Welcome to Advent! Our Jesse Tree has gone up in the classroom, and we are remembering the ancestors of Jesus as we put up the lovely symbolic decorations the children have made. 

We have enjoyed a theatrical extravaganza this week. The pantomime was hugely enjoyed, particularly if the laughs and audience participation were anything to go by! 'Return to the Forbidden Planet' was an accomplished production by Top School students, we enjoyed seeing some familiar faces, and rocking along to some great music! Well done to all of year 4, who behaved impeccably throughout both these trips.

We have been learning more about the properties of triangles in maths, and recapped our whole 'shape' topic by testing what we could remember. We have also enjoyed some maths quizzes this week. Hopefully eveyone has been enjoying 'Times Tables Rockstars', please remember your books on Monday, when we will have a test on the 10 times tables.

We have been story-mapping parts of Beowulf, and looking at the descriptive vocabulary in different versions. Some children have got as far as writing their own section as a narrative or poem.

We also completed an 'hour of code' with Mrs Hills this week, practising and refining our computer programming skills.

Please remember that long sleeved white shirts for the carol concert need to be handed into school by next Friday (9th December). Thank you.

Wishing you all lots of festive fun if you are attending the lantern procession and Christmas shopping evening in Chipping Norton this evening.


Week ending 25.11.16

The most excitement this week was the commencement of 'Times Tables Rockstars', a scheme that has been very successful this term for years 5 & 6, and has now rolled out to years 3 & 4 to encourage fast recall of times tables facts. It is a very motivating way of practising tables, and information has come home this afternoon to explain the programme. It is easy to access via the website, or to download as a app. Do please see me if there are any questions, or if your child has difficulty accessing a computer. Times tables books will need to be brought in every Monday starting 5th December, and tests from school will be stuck in so you can easily see your child's progress. There is no need to write anything in the books at home, but login details are at the back of the book if your child forgets!

In other maths this week we have been looking at 2D shapes, and learning their mathematical properties. In literacy we have been studying 'Beowulf', and looked at four different versions of the epic poem. In PE we are putting the finishing touches to our Viking dance, it just needs a little refining and we'll be ready to perform.

In topic we have looked at how Viking Longships were built, and what they were like. We have made individual plans for creating our own small-scale Longship model. We have also painted our Anglo-Saxon badges, which look superb.

In RE we are looking more in depth at the Christmas Story, and a number of children have discussed versions they have at home, and how their family celebrate advent and the nativity.

Next week we have a theatrical week with trips to the Pantomime, and Chipping Norton School's 'Return to the Forbidden Planet', as well as our own Carol Concert rehearsals. Please make sure that if you have not already returned your collection slip for 'Return to the Forbidden Planet', you do so on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Week ending 18.11.16

What a fabulous yellow and spotty class we had today! Thank you all for your generous donations to Children in Need. Many thanks also to those who have brought in shoeboxes for our Christmas appeal - these will be hugely appreciated by the children they are going to.

In literacy this week we have been practising how to punctuate direct speech. Homework recaps last week's work on using paragraphs.

In maths we have been practising using our knowledge of fractions in solving problems. This can be a very tricky skill to learn, so well done to all for their perseverance and discussions of how to approach problems.

In Topic we have continued to learn about the Vikings as traders, and also got excited about the national news reporting on the discovery of Anglo-Saxon graves, including remarkably preserved coffins, in Norfolk. What an aptly timed archaeological discovery!

Lots of circuits were made and tested in Science, with the children exploring and learning what made a successful circuit to light a bulb or run a motor.

We continue to practise our songs for the Carol Concert, and I really am impressed by the standard of singing already. We have begun to rehearse without reading the words, so well done to those that are already word-perfect. Keep practising everyone!

I wish you a lovely weekend.


Week ending 11.11.16

Well done to all the children for their respectful and silent behaviour in Assesmbly today during the two minutes silence of remembrance. Also how lovely to have two members of our class playing us into and out of assembly - well done!

We have begun practising in earnest for our Christmas carol concert, and I have to say that already the standard of singing is tremendous. All children should have a copy of the words at home, so please do practise them, as they are expected to know them by heart.

As I'm sure you are aware, we continue with our maths topic of fractions and decimals, children are now practising converting between the two, and comparing and rounding decimals. Homework continues to reinforce this topic. In Literacy we have been recapping our knowledge of paragraphs, pronouns, and practising our use of commas. We have written our own narratives to practise these skills.

We have started our new Science topic of electricity, and had great fun in a carousel of activities to explore what we already know about electricity, eliciting some wonderful discussions, and some interesting questions to follow up.

In RE we have thought about ancestry, written our own family trees, and learned about the ancestry of Jesus, in preparation for making our own class Jesse Tree.

In Computing we are programming our own game to move a Viking ship from Scandinavia to Great Britain.

I shall see some of you looking as super-smart as you did today in cub and brownie uniforms on Sunday. I hope you all have a great weekend.



Week ending 4.11.16

We have launched straight in to the new half term with gusto.

This week we have written newspaper reports about Sutton Hoo and the Staffordshire Hoard; practised adding and subtracting fractions and calculating eqivalent fractions; begun creating a 'Viking Dance'; made Anglo-Saxon brooches from clay following our own designs; and learnt about the Viking Saga of Freya and the Goblins. We have been reinforcing our knowledge of prepositions, and spelling words that end in '-sure'. Spelling journals have come home today, with five words to practise. The journals need to come back into school every school day, they will be used for spelling activities and peer testing throughout the week. Spelling words will remain on the 'practise' list until they have been used correctly at least three times.

We have begun learning our songs for our Key Stage 2 Carol Concert. Each child should have brought home a set of words to practice. Year 4 will be singing the first three songs.

May I remind you that, as the weather becomes colder, it is essential the children bring coats in to school every day, and that hats, gloves and scarves are all named. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend.




It's never a quiet week at Holy Trinity!

We had a great French day on Wednesday, finding out about French schools, learning some new vocabulary, and working together to build Eiffel Towers.

Well done to our cross-country runners who performed very well in a busy race at Carteton.

It was wonderful hearing our pianists perform to the rest of the class during our piano recital on Thursday - an event that will certainly be regularly repeated.

Harvest Festival was a great assembly - our artwork looked wonderful, and we enjoyed seeing what other classes had done too. Thank you for all the donations to our foodbank, these will be hugely appreciated.

The class looked fabulous today for our 'wear pink' day to raise money for the fight against Cancer, well done for the great effort many of you put in, and thank you for your generous donations.

And all this on top of our curriculum! We have researched Sutton Hoo and the Staffordshire Hoard in preparation for writing a newspaper article; learnt about converting analogue to digital time; learnt about the water cycle, performed rhythmic gymnastic routines; learnt about the meanings of the Lord's Prayer and written our own prayers to God the Father.

In addition to our normal homework, some children have brought home their morning maths activity books to complete up to the end of Section 1 Test 10. This will mean everyone is at the same point after half term. Please make sure these books come back to school on the first day back after the holidays. Normal homework is also due in on this day, and children will need their PE kits in school the first Monday too. 

All that remains is to say have a wonderful holiday!


Week ending 14.10.16

Well done to our under 9s footballers this week, who played really well at the Carteton tournament, and came second in their group. A great performance from all of you.

I have loved reading the children's super kennings this week, there have been some fantastic animal poems, and some very blood-thirsty Anglo-Saxon ones! It was lovely to hear them performed aloud to the class on Friday. In maths we have been learning about co-ordinates, and completed our very exciting Anglo-Saxon archaeological dig. Other activities included Viking battleships, and completing some complicated pictures.

We spent lots of time thinking about changes of state in science, and investigated heating and cooling by using chocolate buttons.

In PE we combined lots of the gymnastic skills we have looked at in the last few weeks, and created paired routines involving balances, rolls, jumps and different forms of travel. I was very impressed by the teamwork, imagination, and performing skills of the class.

Christmas cards have come home today, please return your orders as soon as possible.

If you have not returned your parents evening slip already, please also return this as soon as possible.

Next week there are a lot of events to look forward to:

The Scholastic book fair will be in school Monday - Tuesday. We will have a chance to look round it as a class, and it will be open for parents and children to purchase books after school.

Whole school 'French Day' on Wednesday.

Some of year 4 are participating in the partnership Cross Country - keep on running!

'Wear Pink' day on Friday raising money for the fight against Cancer, all donations welcome. I challenge all members of the class to wear something pink!

Year 4 are also having a short piano recital on Thursday - any child who learns the piano will have an opportunity to perform in front of the class if they wish to. Please practise one piece to perform.

Enjoy your weekend!


Week ending 7.10.16

What a busy week we have had! We have been recapping the use of pronouns, and also learning about writing sentences with more than one clause using co-ordinate and subordinate conjunctions. We'll be doing some more practice on these in our extended writing later in the term. In maths we have been using compact column addition, and also learning about Roman Numerals - the class amazed me being super-quick at our matching game today! I was also impressed by how many children scored full marks in their times-tables tests - practice at home is clearly paying off, well done. Next week will be 5x tables.

We have also been developing our gymnastic skills, practising and developing our forward rolls and cartwheels; learning about archaeology and how we can find out information from artefacts from a long time ago; singing some 'Viking Saga songs' - learning about the myths of Norse history, and practising a range of singing skills; and conducting science investigations into the gas in fizzy drinks - an experiment to be concluded next week.

I wish you all a lovely weekend.


Week ending 30.9.16

Well, what a lovely week. It has been wonderful to be back with the class for a full week, and see all the children working so hard. In literacy we have written our own myths, focusing on using powerful verbs and interesting adjectives. We have also created our own mythical creatures and thought of interesting ways to describe them, and some children have written acrostic poems about mythical creatures.

In maths we have practised our compact column addition, and rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

We have also had a lot of fun this week creating large scale art works to complete our focus on the artist Keith Haring. These will be going up in the classroom over the next week - do pop in and see them!





Week ending 19.7.16

Happy Holidays! I would like to thank each and every member of the class for being such super fun, and working so hard this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed being your teacher and will miss you all! Thank you also for the lovely gifts today, you are so generous.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer.


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