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Week ending 17.11.17 

It was so lovely to see everyone in their snuggly pyjamas and onesies today and thank you all for you generous donations. 

Not only were we in our pyjamas today (which was quite exciting on it's own!) but we also had a visit from our buddies! They had each written a fable and we were lucky enough to be the first to hear them. It was a lovely way to finish off our week. 

We've been learning some new digraphs this week in phonics, a digraph is two letters that make one sound. So this week we have learnt, 'qu', 'ch', 'th' and 'sh'. We've been reading words with this digraphs in and then reading sentences including those words. We are still working hard on recognising our tricky words. 

We continued working on measuring this week in maths, and we looked at who is taller and shorter in our class. We were a bit confused when the tallest child wasn't always the oldest child, so any chance to reinforce the fact that taller doesn't equate with older at home would be very helpful!

The children have all been working really hard on the Nativity and they are doing brilliantly. We can't wait to show it to you all on Friday 8th December at 1:45. We are still working hard to learn the words to 'Away In A Manger'. 

As it gets closer to Christmas it gets much busier in the classroom. We will keep trying to read in school as much as possible but we won't always hear every child twice a week. So any chance you get to read with your child at home would be really beneficial. As always if you ever need new books, just let a member of the Reception Class team know.

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!


Week ending 10.11.17 

It's been another busy week in Reception! And with our Nativity rehearsals well under way all of the children now know what parts they will be playing. The children have really impressed us with how quickly they have been learning the songs. The only one we have left to learn is "Away In A Manger" (all verses) so any chance you get to sing it with your children would be very appreciated!!

This week we went for a visit to church, Father Tony told us about some of the special artefacts in the church. The children listened to Father Tony very well and came up with some great questions to ask him. 

In phonics this week we have learnt the sounds 'x' 'y' and 'z' We have been reading sentences with these sounds in and we are still trying hard to recognise our tricky words. 

In maths we have started looking at comparing lengths and measuring. We've been using cubes and other things we can find in the classroom to help us to measure and have started using the terms longer/ shorter and the longest and the shortest. 

A few reminders: 

-Friday 17th November is Children In Need so children are able to wear their pyjamas or onesies to school

- As the weather is getting colder please do make sure to send your children to school with a winter coat. If they bring hats, scarves and gloves please make sure these are clearly labelled. 



Week ending 3.11.17

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely relaxing week and enjoyed half term. 

We have been straight back in to it in Reception class and have had a busy week! In our phonics we have learnt three new sounds 'j' 'v' and 'w' as well as recapping all of the sounds and tricky words we have already learnt. It's fantastic to see the children getting much more in to their writing, and it was lovely to hear that lots of them have been writing at home. Do remember to check they are starting their letters in the correct place! 

In maths we have been looking at different ways we can make 5, and doing some simple addition. We've also been counting up to and back down from 20. We've been learning some more rhymes to help us write our numbers correctly too. 

Mrs Hickman very kindly brought in a pumpkin she had grown in her allotment, we enjoyed listening to the story 'Pumpkin soup'. Then we explored what the pumpkin looked and felt like inside before making our very own pumpkin soup! It was very tasty! 

We ended the week by going to our first every Celebration assembly. Well done to all of the children for sitting so beautifully, Mrs Jenkins was very impressed! And a big well done to Lilly-May, Ruben and Ivin who were the first three children to get awards. We also did some firework paintings today, using tea bags and washing up brushes!

It was great to catch up with some of you at parents evening on Thursday, and apologies to anyone who was scheduled for Tuesday- I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 7th November. Do let me know if you are unable to make it and I will find another time to see you. 

Have a fantastic weekend, enjoy the fireworks and stay safe! 

See you on Monday, 

Miss Nolan, Mrs Hickman, Mrs Smart and Mrs Tew 

Don't forget individual photos are on Tuesday 7th November. 


Week ending 13.10.17 

What a busy couple of weeks we have had! We've now learnt sets1-5 of sounds from Letters and Sounds so we will spend next week recapping what we have learnt, making sure we don't forget it over the half term! We've also been doing lots of segmenting and blending to help us read words. We are very good at segmenting but blending is a bit trickier! 

In maths we have been talking about one more than a given number and working on putting numbers in the correct order. We've also been thinking about repeating patterns and we are very good at making them! 

We are in full swing of using Tapestry now, hopefully everyone has had an email and has managed to set up their accounts. Please do let me know if you are having any issues with this as we will be using Tapestry as a way of communicating with parents. 

Parents evening slips have gone in book bags this week, telling you what time slot you have on either Tuesday 31st October or Thursday 2nd November. If you have any problems with the slot you have been given please let a member of Reception class staff know as soon as possible. 

Children will all be heard read twice each week, however if you child needs a new book more regularly than this then please just let a member of staff know, or remind your child to ask an adult to change their book for them. We are happy to change books as often as needed! 

Just a quick reminder that our library day is Friday so if any library books could be in book bags on a Friday that would be great.


Week ending 29.9.17 

What an exciting end to the week we had! Our very first mystery reader! A big thank you to Frankie's lovely neighbour who came and read us the book that she had written and illustrated- we loved it! We have even begun making our very own "Lulu the friendly giraffe"! 

We've been working hard in our phonics again this week and have now learnt the sounds 'g' 'o' 'c' 'k'. We are still using robot talk and sounds buttons to help us read words and sentences. 

In maths we have been look at 2D shapes and talking about their different properties. We've been very impressed by how much the children know, and how quick they were to spot lots of shapes in the classroom and outside. We've also been working hard on our numbers up to 20.

Next weeks show and tell is Lily-Mae, Lilly-May, Luella, Mariella, Mathilda and Max. 

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday. 


Week ending 22.9.17 

The end of another week! We have been really impressed with how well the children have been coming in to class in the morning and settling straight in to an activity, it's fantastic to see! Next week we will be a bit stricter with the gate, meaning it will be closed at 8:50. It's not a problem if you would still like to come in to the classroom with your children, it just means you will need to leave via the other door. 

We've learnt four new sounds this week 'i', 'n', 'm' and 'd' and we have been looking at some high frequency words like 'it' 'in' 'is' and some tricky words like 'the'. We are starting to read words by segmenting them in to sounds and then blending them back together. We find talking like a robot really helps with this! 

In maths we have been look some more at numbers 1-10 and matching numerals to quantities, as well as learning some rhymes to help us use the correct letter formation. Next week we will be sending home sheets with the correct letter and number formation for children to practise at home. 

Children doing show and tell next week are Faith, Frankie, Freddie, Hansel, Iris and Ivin. 

Just a quick reminder that it is school policy that long hair is tied up. (We have also been talking in class about how it's important not to take our hair ties out during the day!)

Have a fantastic weekend and see you all next week! 


Week ending 15.9.17

Wow this week has flown by in Reception class and we have been very busy! 

We have started doing our phonics, which means we've been learning lots of new sounds. The four sounds we learnt this week are 's' 'a' 't' and 'p' and they have all been stuck in to the children's sound books. Any opportunity to have a look at the sounds we have learnt, or to look at flashcards and reading books is always very beneficial 

This week we have been singing lots of songs that help us to count up to and down from 10, and next week we will start looking more at the numerals and how we write them. We also had our first PE lesson and met our Year 5 buddies. We will see our buddies a lot over the next year, and they will walk with us when we go to the Pantomime in December. 

Hope you all have a lovely restful weekend! 

See you on Monday.


A few notes: 

-On Wednesday 20th September at 2:40pm there is a meeting for Reception class parents to explain the use of Tapestry, our online learning journal. Any handouts from the meeting will be send home with children if parents are unable to attend. 

-The date of our nativity production has changed and is now on Friday 8th December 

- I have been asked to remind parents that entry to the school should only be via the pedestrian gate, not through the gates to the car park. 


Week ending 8.917

Hello and welcome to our Reception class blog! 

The children have all settled in to school brilliantly this week- we are all very impressed! You deserve a nice relaxing weekend! 

We have now given out a couple of books to each child, as well as some flashcards and a reading record book. Any chance you get to sit down with your children and talk about what they think might be happening in the story, or have a look at their flashcards, is great. Please make sure you note down in their reading record book what you have done. We will listen to your children read at least once a week in school, but just let us know if they need their books changing more regularly. 

There is also a 'wow book' in each child's book bag. The idea is that this book lives in their book bags, and then whenever they do something (and this really can be anything) that makes you saw 'wow' they draw a picture/ stick in a photo of them doing it, and you write a brief explanation of what happened. They can then get this book out at school and share their achievement with everyone. 

Next week we will begin doing PE. Our PE slot is on a Tuesday morning, and children only need a t-shirt and some shorts as we will be doing PE in the hall. We will also begin show and tell, which is on a Friday. For their first show and tell children can bring in (or talk about) anything they would like to. Although please don't send in anything too precious! Children doing show and tell on Friday 15th September are Alysa, Amelie, Arlo, Aurelia, Ava and Bea. There is a timetable up in the class window if you would like to know when your child's show and tell date is. 

Please don't hesitate to come and ask us questions if anything is unclear! 

We hope you have a lovely and restful weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Monday for another great week! 

Miss Nolan, Mrs Hickman, Mrs Smart and Mrs Tew.



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