The Year 1 and 2 trip started with an enjoyable coach journey into Oxford on Wednesday, chatting and spotting birds. When we arrived, we were greeted by Sara, who worships at the Synagogue. She showed us all the special things in the Synagogue, such as the Ark and the Eternal Light. She then revealed the Torah scrolls, which were beautiful. We were not allowed to touch those scrolls but Sara gave us other books to read with the special Hebrew writing, which is written right to left. Jessica said" I loved touching the book and got to read backwards!". Darcee loved the shiny Menorah candlestick and spotted lots of stars of David which she noticed "were 2 triangles".

"We went to Oxford Synagogue.We learned about the Torah. You are not allowed to touch it. You have to use a 'Yad'." - Henry Year 1

"I put the cap on and the Tallit." - Bella Year 1