On Thursday, my class, Year 3 and Year 4, went to London to visit the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir because we are learing about different religions. Our one is Hinduism. 

We learned that the temple was built over 3 years. The temple was made of white marble that was hand carved in India and shipped to England. 

It was a really good experience because we found out that Hinduism is very different compareed to our religion. When worshipers arrive at the temple, they take their shoes off to show respect to their Gods, which is quite different.

Hindus have lots of different Gods. They have animal Gods, Human Gods, King Gods and Queen Goddesses.

We saw the Atri ceremony where Hindu Priests waved candles, said a prayer and placed gifts of fruit in front of the Gods.

We were able to walk around the temple to look at the amazing carvings and the statues. - Florence Year 3